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FgB-Fit Slash   FgB-Fit Slash is our proprietary weight loss coffee. A Raspberry ketone ,Garcinia and Green bean coffee which has shown to have appetite suppressant qualities. Moringa is packed with protein, vitamin c calcium and potassium. Studies of Moringa have shown it to have cholesterol lowering properties along with anti-inflammatory agents.

FgB-Fit Robust   FgB-Fit Robust Our proprietary healthy coffee Premium South America coffee bean roasted to perfection. It contains Ganoderma which hosts a varieties of investigative therapeutic benefits: anti-cancer, anti-oxidant, liver protecting, anti-bacterial and a host of other benefits.

FgB Pay Plan   Build an income multiple ways: Sell products online through your FgB-Fit store; Build a team; Advertise your business. FoogleBook's pay plan is member friendly, 25% Fast start commission, 50% down line commission and a 25% retail commission.

FgB Get Started Free   Members can sign up for FREE. Receive your own FgB-Fit store front and receive 25% commissions of every sale.

Easy to grow, easy to sell. Come be part of our healthy family!

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